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Auguste Eugene Northup was born the the son of George Harvey and Hazel Northup on May 22, 1910 in Scottsburg, Oregon; He married Leone Vaile who was b. April 17, 1913, Glendive, Montana, and d. November 20, 1975. Auguste died on October 4, 1962. Auguste Northup's page is under construction. Please check back often for updates.

Auguste and Leone Northup Family

Children of Auguste and Leone Northup

James William Northup B. December 12, 1935, Aberdeen, Washington; m. 0l December 1958, Aberdeen, Nashington, to Betty Davis who was b. May 26, 1940, Shelton, Washington (divorced 1969) d. ??
David George Northup B. November 1, 1937, Aberdeen, Washington; m. April 15, 1961, to Nadine Inez Christiansen (b. March 6, 1941, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas).
Thomas John Northup B. June 27, 1943 in Aberdeen, Washington M. Dec. 27, 1969 to Barbara Jo Van Heuveln (born Oct. 2, 1950 in Port Angeles, Washington)